Pinhole Inspector for pharmaceutical HDI series

Pinhole Inspector for pharmaceutical HDI series


For Plastic card

  • Optimal for inspection of eye drops and other plastic package products
  • Inspect with an appropriate electrode configuration that matches the size and characteristics of the product.
  • Automatic supply system (autoloader)


Normally, continuous packaged products are mechanically fed onto the conveyor of the molding and filling machine and sent to a pinhole inspection machine. By incorporating an automated feeding system into HDI machine, products can be sent to the inspection conveyor inside the machine at the right time, enabling the equipment to be inlined


Model Size Capacity Electric Supply Compressed Air Weight
HDI Width
50 to 160 mm
7,200 card/hour
200 to 480 VAC 50/60Hz,
3 phase 2 KVA
0.5 Mpa,
200 liter/min.
1,000 kg