Leading company of Inspection Machinery for your safety life

Nikka Densok creates a safety to consider with our clients together and continue to grow while respecting humanity.

We are dealing Metal detector, Checkweigher, Pinhole Inspector, Magnet Systems, and Seculity Equipment as a leading company of Inspection machinery.

Greeting from President

– Always make great effort to be an innovator
– Always be proud of the authorities
– Always strive for mutual harmony

This is our company’s mission statement.
Especially, my favorite is the third one, “Always Strive for mutual harmony”. In terms of our corporate culture, there is little hierarchical relationship in a good sense. We have an environment where everyone can say anything to the others regardless of the position, and there is no barriers between the sections. All employees strive for harmony, make great effort to be an innovator, and are proud of their own actions as authorities.

The strong point of our company is to provide “made-to-order” and “only one” machines to our customers, and our first priority of the sales activity is to provide the service that suit every need of the customer.

We would like to manufacture products that other companies cannot imitate.

Nikka Densok Ryutaro Saito
Nikka Densok Ryutaro Saito


Company Name



710 Shimoakasaka, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken. 350-1155 Japan
(Registration Address: 2-14-2, Maenocho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo)
TEL: +81-49-266-7311 FAX: +81-49-266-5810


July 26, 1955

President & Representative Director

Ryutaro Saito




120 persons


Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ.


Head Office & Factory

710 Shimoakasaka, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-1155 Japan
TEL: +81-49-266-7311 FAX: +81-49-266-5810

Osaka branch

4-10-28 Nakamiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 535-0003 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6955-6761 FAX: +81-6-6955-6896

Nagoya branch

1-16-25 Masaki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 460-0024 Japan
TEL: +81-52-322-1517 FAX: +81-52-322-1880

Kyushu branch

#3 Office Parea OshiroⅠ,Oshiro, Onojo, Fukuoka City ,816-0911, Japan
TEL: +81-92-558-3021 FAX: +81-92-558-3026

Hokkaido branch

1-6-23 Kitago 3-jo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 003-0832 Japan
TEL: +81-11-873-0771 FAX: +81-11-887-0878

Sendai office

103 Office Obata, 148 Nakano Aza-Ashiguro, Miyagino-ku, Sendai,
Miyagi, 983-0013 Japan
TEL: +81-22-254-8758 FAX: +81-22-254-8763

Shizuoka office

103 Mansion Mitake, 795-1 Nakahara, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, 422-9085 Japan
TEL: +81-54-260-6962 FAX: +81-54-260-7972

Hiroshima Service Center

901-1 Nutanishicho Sojo, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima-ken 729-0474 Japan
TEL:+81-848-60-9013   FAX: +81-848-66-3447

Niigata Service Center

6-15-18 Aoyama, Nishi-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken, 950-2002 japan
TEL: +81-25-379-8138 FAX: +81-25-379-8156


Jul. 1952
Densok Insdustrial Laboratry was established in Tokyo, Japan
Jul. 1955
Changed organization, and established Densok Insdustry Company
Jul. 1961
Opened Tanashi Plant in Tanashi City, Tokyo
Sep. 1961
Opened Osaka Branch in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Jun. 1978
Reorganized Electric Wire Measurement Division, and established Densok Seiko Limited
Jan. 1979
Merged with Nikka Limited and Shiro Saito appointed President
Mar. 1979
Moved Head office to 2-14-2 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Jul. 1980
Company name changed to Nikka Densok Limited
Dec. 1980
Opened Kawagoe Factory in 710 Shimo-Akasaka, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Dec. 1985
Taro Saito appointed President
Jun. 1987
Head office moved to 2-33-4 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1987
Opened Nagoya branch office in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Jun. 1990
Opened Kyushu Branch opened in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Mar. 1992
Opened Sendai Branch in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Jan. 1995
Established NIKKA DENSOK U. S.A., Inc. in Colorado, U.S.A.
Aug. 2002
Relocated head office to Shimo-Akasaka 710, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, and renamed Head Office and Kawagoe Factory as Head Office Factory
Jun. 2008
Opened Hokkaido sales office in Sapporo, Hokkaido
Aug. 2008
Yukio Imaoka appointed President
Dec. 2010
Norimi Sakurai appointed President
Sep. 2012
Merged with Nikka Inspection Machinery Limited
Jun. 2016
Renamed Hokkaido Sales Office to Hokkaido Branch
Dec. 2017
Established NIKKA DENSOK EUROPE Kft. in Hungary
Aug. 2018
Ryutaro Saito appointed to President
Jan. 2021
Opened Shizuoka Branch in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Feb. 2021
Opened Hiroshima Service Center in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Oct. 2021
Opened Niigata Service Center in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture


14-2 2-chome Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-8642 japan
TEL: +81-3-3960-3151

700 Corporate Circle, Suite #H, Golden CO 80401-5636 U.S.A
TEL : +1-303-202-6190

City Center Irodaház, 1051 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 12, Hungary
TEL.+36-29 200 190


R/No.1214ho Mega-center SK-Technopork. 190-1, Sangdewon-dong,
Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
TEL: +82-31-776-2141

Friedrich-List-Str.20,WEKO Building,
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Germany
TEL: +49-711-7988-162


Room311, 3F, No2, Lane889, Sui de Road, Shanghai, China

TEL: +86-21-5269-5500 FAX: +86-21-5269-6820