Our Commitment to CSR

"We contribute to the development of a sustainable society and culture as a comprehensive manufacturer of inspection equipment that seeks safety in daily life."

Ryutaro Saito
President & Representative Director

Basic Policy

We aim to promote efficient and highly effective environmental activities and strengthen governance
by sharing information on environmental management with domestic and overseas offices.


  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Respect for human rights
  3. Reduction of environmental impact and prevention of environmental pollution


  • Education about the environment
    In order to raise the environmental awareness of our employees,
    we are conducting safety and environmental education by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.
  • Improvement of working environment
    We pay special attention to working conditions, health and safety,
    and aim to improve employee satisfaction and coexistence with the local community.


– Strive to develop, design, and market products that take into account life cycles of the products.

– Strive to procure environmentally friendly materials and components.

– Develop research through industry-academia collaboration and develop products that contribute to society.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

– Securing multiple suppliers and logistics networks, both domestic and international.

– Establish a production system with multiple sites in the event of a disaster.

– Securing multiple waste disposal routes.

– Selecting materials with lower environmental impact, especially for plastic parts.

– Regularly exchange information and opinions with suppliers, aiming for a mutually beneficial partnership.


– Human rights and the working environment.

  • Achieve an equal working environment for all, regardless of gender or sex
  • Accelerate the hiring of foreign nationals to achieve diversity


– Environmental and Climate Change Measures.

  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Reduction of paper by facilitating Digital Transformation (DX)
  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Replacement of manufacturing facilities with high-efficiency equipment
  • Reduction of standby power
  • Air conditioning management


– Support for developing countries.

  • Participating in a program to support vaccinations in developing countries by recycling PET bottle caps.

Human Resource Development

– Establishment of a training system using internal systems and external educational institutions.

– Support for self-development through the provision of qualification allowances.

– Aim at sharing and developing knowledge through personal interactions and internships through industry-academia collaboration.