Magnet Systems use a super-high magnetic force perm magnet and is ideal for eliminating magnetic metal and SUS wear powder mixed in products.
We offer a wide range of products for powders and granules, liquids, knitted products, and other applications.

Bar Magnet
Bar Magnet
  • This bar magnet uses rare earth magnets with residual magnetic flux densities of 1.0 3Tesla (13,000 gauss) or more.
  • Max. surface magnetic flux density is 1.2Tesla (12,000 gauss)-1.0Tesla (10,000 gauss).
Grid Magnet
Clean Flow Grid Magnet
Grid Magnet / Clean Flow Grid Magnet
  • This unit Mounted on the drop part in the production line, and removes magnetic metal and stainless steel wear dust from powders, granules, and etc.


  • In addition to the general two-stage system, we also produce other-stage equations from simple one-stage equation to four-stage equation.
Magnetic Filter
Magnetic Filter
  • This is a completely sealed sanitary specification for liquids with a magnet placed in the casing.